The Prosperity Story

Brooks Firestone

Pioneering Santa Barbara County vintner Brooks Firestone established Prosperity Wines as a positive response to the recession of the early 1990s—and as an antidote to a neighboring winery’s pessimistic interpretation of the times: Recession Red (the label of which depicted a stock chart heading south!). “My wine glass wasn’t half empty, it was half full,” Firestone recalls. “I didn’t want to complain about the recession, I wanted to do something about it.”

What Firestone did was establish Prosperity Wines—distinctive yet affordable wines crafted for everyday enjoyment. “Value is the first step toward prosperity,” he says. “So this was my way of contributing to the recovery of our nation’s economy as well as our collective enjoyment of wine.”

The Prosperity Philosophy

“Our philosophy has always been to offer people delicious, unpretentious wines at a friendly price,” Brooks Firestone says. “These wines are crafted with a passion for quality and uniqueness.” Indeed, with their select vineyard sources and relatively limited production, Prosperity Wines continue to stand out from the budget wine crowd.

As for the vibrant label art and colorful brand name, Firestone says, “We feel that, in addition to offering some of the finest values in the wine marketplace, Prosperity Wines also celebrate a greater truth, namely the endurance of American optimism over the forces of pessimism and defeat.”

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